Milano, Italy


I'm Andrea

I’m a business analyst at based in Milano, Italy. I have unwavering passion and energy for product innovation and customer experience.
Andrea Antonacci

A little about me

A marketer, freelance photographer, pasta lover, musician, movie addict, wannabe dog owner, tech enthusiast, aviation nerd, smart home wizard, McDonald's aficionado, and an Oxford comma supporter. Sometimes I have hard time describing myself.

I love exploring new sounds with my synths at night. Wanna check out my latest tune? I'm also into cinema and I've been curating a list of my favorite movies for years now. Oh, and I love taking pictures of people, so feel free to check out my portfolio.

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Aviation Accidents

Exploring the NTSB Aviation Accident Database

The NTSB aviation accident database contains information from 1962 and later about civil aviation accidents and selected incidents within the United States and in international waters.
Let's explore the data to learn about causes, when and where accidents have occurred. Source and code are open-access.

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Election Stats

Exploring real-time Twitter data on the 2019 European Elections

Visualize real-time data at the aggregate level from tweets on the latest European Elections and explore (dis)similarities between countries on political orientation, as well as the relative share of voice of many hot topics around Europe. Check out the dashboard.

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Online Dating as a Market Metaphor

An Empirical Investigation of Online Dating as a Marketplace

What happens if you apply a rational choice approach to assess the consequences of online dating on mate choice processes?
With this project, I've explored the efficiency gains in partner markets deriving from the diffusion of online dating. I illustrate the concept of competition for attention, the logics of exchange, network externalities, supply and demand by taking advantage of the “marketplace” metaphor. Read more here.